INTEGRIS & me provides personalized health guidance for you and your family and assists you in assembling health information you may find useful in various health situations such as doctor visits. Your use of INTEGRIS & me is governed by the terms and conditions of use of this Agreement (the “Terms and Conditions,” or this “Agreement”). Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing or using INTEGRIS & me. General Terms and Conditions of Use Your access and use of INTEGRIS & me binds you to this Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions for this site, you may not use INTEGRIS & me. We may modify this Agreement at any time. Any modifications made to this Agreement will be effective immediately upon posting. By accessing or using INTEGRIS & me, you agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions of this Agreement as posted on INTEGRIS & me at the time of your access or use. Use of Protected Health Information When using INTEGRIS & me, INTEGRIS allows you to transfer personal health information on your behalf, or on behalf of a minor upon whose personal health information you legally have the right to access, from interactions with INTEGRIS into INTEGRIS & me. INTEGRIS reserves the right to exclude access within INTEGRIS & me to certain portions of your protected health information which may reside in your legal medical record. Such information which may be excluded includes but is not limited to: (1) certain mental health records, (2) portions of a minor’s record which may be statutorily protected from release, (3) certain portions of the medical record which cannot be transmitted electronically to INTEGRIS & me, and (4) other records which may require the patient to request release in person. In the event there are portions of your medical record you are unable to obtain through INTEGRIS & me, you may request those records in person from your health care provider. Minor Eligibility An individual must be age 18 or older to request a personal account. Parents or guardians of minor children may request access to the minor child's account by following the Terms and Conditions of INTEGRIS & me. Minor children between the ages of 12 and 17 (inclusive) will not be eligible to participate in INTEGRIS & me services. Under State and Federal law, there are certain types of medical information the parent or guardian of a minor patient age 12 or older may not view without consent of the minor patient. Because of these requirements, we cannot offer services to parents of minor patients in this age category. Thus, when a minor patient reaches age 12, access will be revoked to INTEGRIS & me until the minor patient reaches age 18. Proxy Access A parent or legal guardian of a minor patient up to the child’s 12th birthday or individuals age 18 or older may request proxy access to another individual’s INTEGRIS & me account by completing the INTEGRIS & me Consent Form and submitting it to INTEGRIS. Such access will only be granted to parties with parental rights or legal guardianship over the INTEGRIS & me account holder and only to the extent the party requesting proxy access can demonstrate the legal right to account holder's medical information. Only one person will be granted proxy access to an INTEGRIS & me account. An INTEGRIS & me account will be activated for both the proxy and the account holder. If the proxy’s legal relationship with the account holder changes, the proxy must inform INTEGRIS immediately by calling INTEGRIS at 1-844-843-1500 or sending written notice to INTEGRIS, 3366 Northwest Expressway St. Suite C-20, Oklahoma City, OK 73112. INTEGRIS reserves the right to revoke proxy access at any time for any reason. E-mail Privacy Patients who are users of INTEGRIS & me should be aware they will be notified via e-mail when there is new medical information to be viewed on INTEGRIS & me. This means any person with access to a patient’s e-mail will be able to see this notification. This could include the patient’s spouse, employer or anyone else who can access a patient’s e-mail account. Although no private medical information will be sent, the notification that new medical information is available by accessing INTEGRIS & me may be information a patient would not want others to know. Thus, patients should take this into account when providing an e-mail address. Please know that if you send us an e-mail communication, it may be shared with the INTEGRIS staff assisting the physician in providing the patient’s medical care. A patient’s confidential medical information on INTEGRIS & me will be accessible only to appropriate clinical staff. Bill Pay You may use INTEGRIS & me to view your INTEGRIS billing statements online and make online payments online for health care services you receive from INTEGRIS. Please note we use a third party to process the payments you make using the INTEGRIS & me service. You agree to comply with any terms and conditions of the third-party processor in connection with your use of such third-party processor services. There is no charge for making a payment online. Your bank and credit card information is protected by our secure website. Limited Medical Advice ALL OF THE INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE PROVIDED BY INTEGRIS & ME IS FOR HEALTH INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT MEANT TO DIAGNOSE OR TREAT ANY ILLNESS OR DISEASE. THE HEALTH INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE YOU WILL RECEIVE THROUGH INTEGRIS & ME, ASIDE FROM SECURE MESSAGING, IS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED BY INTEGRIS & ME, BASED ON CERTAIN INFORMATION THAT YOU ENTER INTO INTEGRIS & ME OR MAKE AVAILABLE TO INTEGRIS & ME, AND IS NOT NECESSARILY REVIEWED BY A PHYSICIAN, NURSE OR OTHER HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. WE ADVISE YOU TO ALWAYS SEEK THE ADVICE OF A PHYSICIAN OR OTHER QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROVIDER WITH ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING PERSONAL HEALTH OR MEDICAL CONDITIONS. NEVER DISREGARD, AVOID OR DELAY IN OBTAINING MEDICAL ADVICE FROM YOUR DOCTOR OR OTHER QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROVIDER BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON INTEGRIS & ME. IF YOU HAVE OR SUSPECT THAT YOU HAVE A MEDICAL PROBLEM OR CONDITION, PLEASE CONTACT A QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY. IF YOU ARE IN THE UNITED STATES AND ARE EXPERIENCING A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 911 OR CALL FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP ON THE NEAREST TELEPHONE. Secure Messaging You may receive direct communication from your health care providers through secure messaging on INTEGRIS & me. You must log-in to INTEGRIS & me to view the message. Protected health information will not be sent directly through email. All health care provider initiated messages will contain a date, time, and name of sender notifying the recipient of who sent the message. A secure message may or may not contain medical information. It is intended to facilitate interaction between you and your health care providers. You may have the option to send a secure message to a health care provider with whom you have an established relationship. FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES DO NOT USE THE MESSAGING SERVICE TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN OR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM. All messages will be reviewed by the physician’s office staff and forwarded to the physician, as deemed appropriate. Secure messaging may or may not be the appropriate format for communication between you and your health care provider. The health care providers utilizing this service reserve the right to contact you by other appropriate means to respond to your inquiry. Should the information communicated through secure messaging include medical information that the health care provider determines should be incorporated into your legal medical record, such communication shall be saved to your electronic medical record. IF AT ANY TIME YOU WISH TO OPT OF OUT SECURE MESSAGING, PLEASE CONTACT INTEGRIS & ME CUSTOMER SERVICE. Disclaimers THE INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE CONTAINED IN OR PROVIDED THROUGH INTEGRIS & ME IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS, AND YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR USING INTEGRIS & ME. YOUR USE OF INTEGRIS & ME IS VOLUNTARY AND ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR ENDORSEMENTS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF TITLE OR NONINFRINGEMENT, OR ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE) WITH REGARD TO INTEGRIS & ME, OR WITH RESPECT TO ANY INFORMATION, PRODUCT, SERVICE, MERCHANDISE OR OTHER MATERIAL PROVIDED ON OR THROUGH INTEGRIS & ME. WE DO NOT WARRANT OR GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, CORRECTNESS, TIMELINESS OR USEFULNESS OF ANY INFORMATION, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, MERCHANDISE OR OTHER MATERIAL PROVIDED THROUGH INTEGRIS & ME OR ON THE INTERNET GENERALLY. WE MAKE NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE THAT INTEGRIS & ME WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, TIMELY, SECURE OR ERROR-FREE. We do not operate, control, supply, endorse, warrant or guarantee any information, products, services or merchandise that is not clearly identified as information, products, services or merchandise supplied by us. We also do not warrant or guarantee that files available for downloading through INTEGRIS & me will be free of infections or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code which contains contaminating or destructive properties. We, and our suppliers, cannot and do not guarantee or warrant against errors, omissions, delays, interruptions or losses, including loss of data. We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this site, or any part thereof, including these Terms and Conditions, with or without notice. Limitation of Liability NEITHER WE, OUR SUPPLIERS, NOR ANY OF OUR AFFILIATES, SUBSIDIARIES OR PARENT COMPANIES, NOR ANY OF OUR RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES OR AGENTS WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, LOSS OF WAGES, REVENUE OR BUSINESS BECAUSE OF YOUR USE OF INTEGRIS & ME OR ANY INFORMATION, GUIDANCE OR SERVICES RELATED TO OR PROVIDED BY INTEGRIS & ME. YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR DISSATISFACTION WITH INTEGRIS & ME WILL BE TO STOP USING INTEGRIS & ME. Indemnification You will indemnify us, our suppliers, and any of our parent or subsidiary companies or organizations, and any of our successors, assigns or licensees, together with any of their respective officers, directors, employees and insurers, against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of a claim by a third party relating to use of INTEGRIS & me, or any breach or violation of this Agreement or any other term or condition contained on INTEGRIS & me. 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If any of the provisions of this Agreement are held to be not enforceable by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction, then such provisions shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that this Agreement shall otherwise remain in full force and effect. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and INTEGRIS relating to the access and use of the site and any of its services. This Agreement may not be modified, in whole or in part, except as described elsewhere in this Agreement. Anything contained on INTEGRIS & me inconsistent with or conflicting with the terms of this Agreement is superseded by the terms of this Agreement. Termination of Services If you violate these Terms and Conditions, INTEGRIS may, in our sole discretion, terminate your access to INTEGRIS & me, or any portion thereof. These actions are in addition to and not in lieu or limitation of any other right or remedy we may have available at law. Further, INTEGRIS shall not be liable to you or any third party for any such termination or discontinuance. General You agree that these Terms and Conditions and all incorporated agreements between INTEGRIS and you may be automatically assigned by INTEGRIS, in INTEGRIS’ sole discretion, to a third party in the event of a merger, acquisition or liquidation. INTEGRIS’ failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others of these Terms and Conditions does not waive INTEGRIS’ right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. These Terms and Conditions set forth the entire understanding and agreement between INTEGRIS and any site user with respect to the site, its uses and services. Copyright and Trademarks The marks "INTEGRIS," "INTEGRIS Health," “INTEGRIS & me,” the INTEGRIS Health logo, and the INTEGRIS Personal Health Record logo are trademarks and service marks of INTEGRIS Health. 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